The moment before with my best buds #teenchoiceawards #portra800 #analog

lucyhale Love to the Germany supporters from me and @ianmharding

Probably Dianna on the set of Bare. (1 | 2 )

Get to know: Dianna Agron (insp.)

Ian Harding in Immediately Afterlife || x

sleepinthegardn: Alright @jenniferbeals you asked for it! So I am donating cash & doing the #ALSIceBucketChallenge and to keep the ball rolling I challenge: @zacharyquinto @lucyhale @docdanger Also not to be annoying but as we are in a serious drought please share your ice bucket water with a friend and recycle it (like I did with @halfadams and you will see it’s very satisfying. I think he got a little too much enjoyment out of this… But my revenge tasted so sweet)

You can’t break up the Unholy Trinity.


@katyperry: Thank you @thestevetisch @aw & @hellogiggles for nominating me for the ALS #theicebucketchallenge I now nominate @madonna (ALSO SORRY THIS IS SO LOUD & ANNOYING) 💦